Brits’ vacation nightmares revealed

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Who doesn’t love the pleasure of an upcoming holiday? When many of us so regularly have our noses just inches from the every day grindstone, it’s awesome to have the comfort of a ride away just across the corner. But tour making plans is not without its accompanying issues, and Allianz Assistance is aware of as a whole lot – having surveyed 2 hundred UK guests, the travel coverage provider famous what people most normally don’t forget to be their nightmare scenarios in relation to making plans a trip.

It’s no marvel to examine that a lost passport or pockets, luggage now not arriving and falling unwell marked the top three nightmares respectively for UK holidaymakers; even as issues over accommodation being subsequent to a nightclub grazed the lowest of the listing, at number 10.


In terms of gender evaluation, the survey found out that men are more likely to worry about falling ill than women – at 48 per cent, compared to 39 consistent with cent. On the opposite hand, the other is genuine of concerns over lacking luggage, where it’s 49 in keeping with cent of ladies versus 38 per cent of men. Interestingly, Allianz measured some other stated differences among the worries of males and females: ladies have been concerned approximately forgetting their prescription shades or contact lenses, a challenge which didn’t make pinnacle 10 at the men’s listing, even as guys rated mosquitos and forgetting credit score cards, which wasn’t a top problem for ladies.

With age comes new priorities. Allianz stated almost one-0.33 of 18 to 24-yr-olds worried about forgetting their tech, and one-fifth of younger visitors fretted over an excursion without Wi-Fi. In comparison, fifty three according to cent of visitors elderly over 65 are more likely to fear about losing their passport or wallet, and Kate Walker, Head of Direct at Allianz Assistance UK empathised and reasoned that a number of the top 10 excursion nightmares could be covered via ‘fine journey coverage’. “However, even the best travel insurance won’t make sure the Wi-Fi is as much as scratch or guarantee a first rate cup of tea and a bacon bap could be at the menu,” she concluded.

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